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Let's Pukkelpop!



Where is Pukkelpop?

Pukkelpop is held at the festival site along the Kempische Steenweg in Kiewit (Hasselt), Belgium. The festival site is easily accessible by public transportation, there is a large free bicycle parking lot and plenty of parking in the area.  

What's the minimum age for attendance?
  • There is no minimum or maximum age: everyone is welcome at Pukkelpop (but ... parents have the final say). There are no special ticket prices for children.
  • Young teenager(s)? Make sure there is adult guidance - or even better - just come along! There's something for everyone at Pukkelpop!
  • There are no adapted facilities for small children, we strongly advise against coming to the festival with them. There are no adjusted ticket prices either.
  • Eighty plus? Yeah, eighty is mighty! Enough places to chill out and feel free to bring your offspring. Do you come with three or even four generations? Then definitely drop us a line at hello@pukkelpop.be.


How does the Official Ticket Exchange Service work?

Thanks to the official exchange service, ticket holders who are unable to attend Pukkelpop will be able to offer their tickets online at the official price from 1 August. Our secure PKP Ticket Meet-Up Page is a virtual meeting place for people who are looking to buy or sell an official Pukkelpop ticket. Tickets offered through the exchange service keep the initial camping

You can use the PKP Ticket Meet-Up Page when:

1) You found someone who wants your ticket and you want to change the name on that ticket  
2) You're looking for someone to take over your ticket;
3) You are searching for a ticket.


I have several day tickets, how many camping tickets should I buy?

If you have one or more day tickets and you would like to stay overnight at Camping Relax or Camping Chill you only need to buy a camping ticket once. So you do not have to buy a camping ticket for each day ticket.

How do I automatically keep track of all Pukkelpop updates?
I've found someone who wants to buy my ticket / safe procedure
  • Found someone who would like to buy your ticket?  You can change the name on the ticket  via the exchange service
  • Agree on a price and arrange the payment. Never pay more than the official purchase price (+€16 service fee) and never pay through anonymous channels.
  • The original buyer requests a link to change the name on the ticket. (operational: Aug 1) 
  • An administrative fee of €16 will be charged for a name change.
  • The original buyer updates the ticket with the details of the new user and emails the ticket to the new user. 
    • If you know the new user, you can also send him/her the link to change the name.
    • If you have already received the payment, you can also send the link to change the name to the buyer. After changing the name, the new buyer receives a copy of the ticket in his/her mailbox. 
    • Did you pay the ticket, but did you not receive a ticket in your name, please contact servicedesk@pptickets.be

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