We Care A Lot

respect each other

Festivals. They’re all about music and fun, meeting people, dancing, singing and letting it all hang out. Just having a good time together. Festivals are a chance for people to bond. There’s a strong sense of unity which can give rise to a unique, tight-knit community. That’s why it’s so important that every visitor, every employee, and anyone else involved feels safe and can enjoy the festival under the best possible conditions.

Pukkelpop is a place where everyone should feel safe, welcome and comfortable. A place where no one should experience discrimination, criticism or harassment. Everyone should be able to be themselves, and all are welcome, regardless of sex, gender, orientation, culture, religion, ethnicity or disability.

We raise awareness and educate. About alcohol and drugs, sexuality, mental well-being and health. Say no to drugs, yes to safe sex, drink plenty of water, choose public transport, put on that sunscreen. If things do go wrong, our employees and emergency services are available. Always, no matter what.

The law is respected at Pukkelpop. We expect responsible behaviour from our festivalgoers, employees and artists. 'We Care A Lot' is a about acting together, with a shared sense of responsibility. Take care of yourself and your friends. Be your best self. We are committed to making Pukkelpop a healthy and safe event.

Our employees are trained, they stay alert to any problems and react appropriately as needed. We have specialists in various fields on hand and festival-goers can speak to a confidential adviser if they wish.

Feel good at Pukkelpop.
Be yourself.
We care a lot.