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We – THE FACTORY (hereinafter: “we”, “us”, “our”) – provide you, the visitor of our websites or (hereinafter jointly referred to as “Website”), with this Cookie Policy to inform you about the cookies and similar technologies that are used through our Website.

To the extent that any personal data is collected through cookies, our Privacy Policy applies and complements this Cookie Policy. If you want more information about how we process your personal data other than through cookies and similar technologies or other data protection-related information such as how to exercise your rights, please see our Privacy Policy.

This Cookie Policy does not apply to any third-party websites, services, or applications, even if they are accessible through our Website. We advise to consult their respective privacy and cookie policies to learn more about how they process your personal data.

We may modify this Cookie Policy at any time. To see when this Cookie Policy was last updated, please refer to the “Last Updated” date indicated at the bottom of this page. Any changes made to this Cookie Policy will take effect when we make the updated version available on our Website.

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1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are stored locally on a device and which contain certain information and occasionally personal data.

Types of cookies:

  • Essential cookies are cookies that are absolutely essential to ensure the proper functioning of our Website. They enable basic functionalities and security features of our Website, such as page navigation and load time.
  • Functional cookies are cookies that collect information about your choices and preferences, and allow us to remember language or other local settings and customize our Website accordingly.
  • Analytical cookies are cookies that collect information on the behavior of Website visitors and the performance of the Website. This information is analyzed so that we can adjust and improve the Website functionality accordingly.
  • Marketing cookies track the browsing behavior of visitors across websites and they compile a user profile on the basis of these data. The profile is then used to personalize your browsing experience and provide you with relevant advertisements and marketing campaigns that match your interests.

2. Why do we use cookies?

Cookies help us to optimize your visit to our Website, to remember technical choices, and to show you more relevant services and special offers. The information that we collect with the aid of cookies helps us to identify possible errors or let you see specific services that we think could be important for you. For example, we use cookies that save information about your language choice, enabling us to provide you a better user experience when you visit our Website again.

3. When do we use cookies?

For a normal visit to our Website, essential cookies are necessary for purely technical reasons. Since they are technically necessary, we are only obligated to inform you about their use. These cookies are placed on your device as soon as you visit our Website.

Functional cookies, which are essential for basic Website functionalities, cannot be refused either if you want to browse our Website.

Analytical cookies, which help us analyze and understand how you use our website, and marketing cookies, which are used to customize content and ads, are only placed on your device after you have given your consent.

Enabling “marketing cookies” will also allow us to use marketing tools like Meta Pixel and Google Ads. These marketing tools will only be activated upon your consent, and the data flow will be promptly terminated if you choose to withdraw your consent.

4. Cookies and similar technologies we use on our Website

4.1. Cookies


  • Type: Functional cookie
  • Life: Session
  • Description: The PHPSESSID cookie is a type of session cookie that maintains a user’s session on the Website. It stores information about the user’s activity during a single browsing session by assigning a unique identifier to the user’s session and updating the cookie as the user interacts with the Website. This cookie is essential for our Website’s functionality as it allows the server to recognize users and maintain their session.


  • Type: Functional cookie
  • Life: Session
  • Description: The SERVERID cookie is another type of session cookie that identifies the server that supplied the last page to the browser, providing task allocation to optimize Website performance. This cookie contains a unique identifier assigned to the server that handles the user’s requests. It is used by the load balancer or other infrastructure components to route subsequent requests to the same server, improving the user’s experience by reducing response times and minimizing disruptions during the session.


  • Type: Analytical cookie
  • Life: 2 years
  • Description: The _ga cookie is a Google Analytics cookie that helps to generate statistical data on how our Website is used. It distinguishes unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as a client identifier (unique ID) and identifies the user’s browser, timestamp of access, source of traffic, and campaign associated with it. The data collected by the _ga cookie is then sent to the Google Analytics server, where it is analyzed and presented in reports and dashboards to improve performance and user experience.


  • Type: Analytical cookie
  • Life: 1 minute
  • Description: The _gat cookie is a Google Analytics cookie that throttles the request rate and limits data collection on our Website to improve tracking data’s accuracy, reliability, and efficiency. It includes a unique identifier and information about the user’s Website activities, such as the time and date of the visit, the pages viewed, and the session’s duration.


  • Type: Analytical cookie
  • Life: 24 hours
  • Description: The _gid cookie is a Google Analytics cookie that registers a randomly generated unique identifier that is used to identify a user across multiple sessions. It stores information about the date and time of the user’s visit, the pages visited, the duration of the visit, the browser and device used, and other related data. The information collected by the _gid cookie is then sent to Google Analytics servers, and analyzed and presented in reports and dashboards. We use this cookie to generate statistical data on how users interact with our Website.

4.2. Similar technologies

Facebook/Meta Pixel

  • Purpose: Marketing
  • First/Third party: Third party
  • Description: The Meta Pixel is a snippet of JavaScript code that helps us identify users and track how they interact with content on our Website, including page views, product views, adding to card, starting checkout, and making purchases. With various marketing applications such as conversion tracking, ad optimization, and retargeting, the Meta Pixel allows us to measure and improve the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.

5. Which third parties may place cookies and similar technologies on our Website?

Next to our own first-party cookies, we might also use cookies and similar technologies of our partners with whom we collaborate and who advertise our services on their website. You can find more information about their use of cookies in their respective cookie policies:

6. How can you manage our use of cookies?

You can choose whether to accept the use of cookies by indicating your cookie preferences using the “Manage Website Cookies” link at the top and bottom of this page. Since we use cookies to enable and enhance your visit to our Website, we recommend activating these cookies. If they are disabled, not all features may operate as intended.

As stated above under section 3 “When do we use cookies?”, we use essential and functional cookies without your consent, since they are essential for the proper functioning of our Website. We do ask for your consent for the placing of analytical and marketing cookies. To withdraw your consent with our use of analytical and marketing cookies, it suffices to disable the cookies by changing your preferences in our “Manage Website Cookies” tool.

You can activate cookies by changing your preference settings in “Manage Website Cookies” at the top and bottom of this page.

Last updated: 29 April 2023

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