Jeroen Delodder

Jeroen Delodder

  • samedi 17 août
Mr. Untz
  • Electronic

More than 20 years of DJ experience and much more pure passion for music.

Jeroen Delodder started as a party DJ at sixteen and since 2012 he has been the DJ, host and curator of Switch, The Greatest Switch, Studio Ibiza, Playground, The Sound Of Belgium etc. on Studio Brussels.

Since January 2023, Jeroen shares his new discoveries on StuBru on Thursday nights (and always keeps 20 minutes free for Disco Thursday).
On Friday and Saturday you can hear him together with Amber Broos in Untz: the party never stops. Every third Tuesday of the month you can hear Jeroen with a Vinyl Only Session on Kiosk Radio.

In July and August Jeroen talks and mixes all the summer records of Camping Belgica and in between he goes to play wherever they want him: from small summer bars to big festivals.

Jeroen can come bang with a DJ set full of club classics, rave anthems, forgotten dancefloor fillers as well as the new hits of today and tomorrow. From technostamper to trance anthem, from retro classic to electro-noize and from drum'n'bass skanker to house hit. Jeroen spins records from The Greatest Switch combined with new songs that will also be thick dance classics in a few years.

But just as well Jeroen becomes the surprising DJ-entertainer with taste: an all round party DJ-set with pop, hip-hop, 80s, party classics, disco, funk and rock. Because it's about good music and dancing, not about genres.

And even if it's a bit more subdued ... when it comes to atmosphere & mood & vibe, Jeroen's years of experience in combination with those thousands of nights of music-digging come into their own: Jeroen selects for you and your moment the best and most appropriate from his large, unique and varied music collection.

Jeroen has closed the closing day of Extrema Outdoor every year since 2014, played at all The Greatest Switch parties of the past years, played multiple times at Kompass and at Fuse, stood more than a few times at Rock Werchter and at Ostend Beach, did a frozen set on top of the mountain during Tomorrowland Winter as well as a wet sweaty set at Tomorrowland on that hottest day in Belgian history, he played at Music For Life, WeCanDance and did that crazy 24h non stop (!) DJ-set on Studio Brussel.

Jeroen is the regular DJ of the Belgian Surfing Championships and in 2019 also played at all six Flanders Classics cycling races - because dancing is also sport.