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Born and raised in Limburg, but now an established name in Antwerp. Faisal is a DJ and producer with Moroccan roots. His passion for music was ignited by his father, who was a DJ himself in the 1970s. 

Faisal has been a prominent figure at the highest level for years. Since his rise around 2010, he has been playing in the best clubs and at the biggest festivals. He has won several awards, including the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards for 'Best DJ' and 'Best Radio' in both 2016 and 2017. Faisal is especially known for his genre-crossing sets and wide range of influences. His refreshing edits are shared worldwide by DJs. In addition, he organizes his own event, FAISAL SELECTS, which is always sold out. Here he invites surprising DJs from home and abroad and hosts stages at various festivals. 

Besides his work as a DJ, Faisal is also a talented producer. He has already released some of his own edits and tracks, including 'Some Time Alone' with Glints. He also co-produced Dutch artist Sef’s 'Ik Zou Voor Veel Kunnen Sterven Maar Niet Voor Een Vlag,' which won both the Edison for Best Album and the 3VOOR12 Award for best album of 2023. Recently, he produced the IJLSAND project by Sef and Abel, which will be released soon. He also provided music for award-winning series and films such as Grond and Santos. 

Like Glints, Faisal is part of the Abattoir Anvers collective, founded in a former halal slaughterhouse where the entire crew lived and worked. Together with Glints, he has been hosting Abattoir Anvers, the only hip-hop show on Belgian national radio (Studio Brussel), for about four years. They welcome guests such as 50 Cent, Loyle Carner, Zwangere Guy, Faberyayo, Sef, and many young talents. 

Faisal and Glints have joined forces for the project GLINTSAL. Faisal handles the production, while Glints takes care of the bars and vocals. The first single 'All Blue Hair' has already been released, and this is just the beginning!