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Campsite regulations

Opening hours

Our campsites are open day and night.


  • Combi wristband: Thursday noon till Monday noon​
  • Friday wristband: Thursday noon till Saturday noon
  • Saturday wristband: Friday noon till Sunday noon
  • Sunday wristband: Saturday noon till Monday noon 

Please restore your camping space to its original state before leaving.

Love goes through the stomach but...

  • Barbecues, esbit stoves, candles, torches, campfires, gas burners and accessories are strictly forbidden. All gas cylinders will be removed from the campsite for safety reasons. Please note that confiscated devices cannot be collected after the festival.
  • You can bring your own food & drink to the campsite -yay!- but do try to keep it clean and use your common sense. In any case, it is forbidden to serve beverages with an alcohol content over 5% to under 16s. Serving spirits to under 18s is also prohibited. 

The all-time classic!

  • No glass  whatsoever (with the exception of medication and perfume bottles)!

No need to carry everything 

  • Small collapsible/retractable push carts, wheeled suitcases 
    and shopping trolleys are allowed.
  • (Supermarket) trolleys, pull-along wagons, wheelbarrows, camper vans, etc. (with the exception of aids for the disabled) destroy the soil so don’t bring them

What about stunts, fireworks and drones?

  • Drones, fireworks, inappropriate behaviour, improvised stunts and anything the festival organiser and campsite managers may consider dangerous: don’t bring it, don’t do it!

Bling bling

  • All campsites are supervised but it is still advisable to leave expensive stuff at home. Also, don’t leave any valuables in your tent. Rent a locker if you want to keep your valuables secure.  

Music, tunes & jingles 

  • Keep in mind that all music systems are prohibited so as not to disturb the sleep
    of your fellow campers and local residents.

Bob the Builder

  • Shanks, shovels, pliers, wire cutters, wrenches, drills, saws, screwdrivers and anything else that belongs in a DIY tool box: perfect for use around the house but not at the campsite.

Company is cool 

  • We think pets are adorable, but they don’t belong at a music festival.
    Dogs (with the exception of guide dogs) will be taken to the pound immediately.
    The minimum cost involved is €125

Ice and whipped cream

  • Dry ice and whipped cream cartridges are – how shall we put it – a no-no.

Funny not funny 

  • Laughing gas is prohibited and that's no joke. 

Cowboys and Indians

  • Weapon and drug possession is prohibited by law.
    There is a Drugs Deposit Box at the entrance of the campsites. 
    The police are immediately notified in every case of suspicion of illegal substances. There will be no exceptions. 
  • You can leave your water pipe (and your bong) at home, too.

Not a care in the world...

  • Keep all emergency exits and passageways free at all times.
    Wrongly placed tents that block these exits or passageways will be removed.

And last but not least...

  • There are no rules regarding the size of your tent. Party tents that take too much space (bigger than 3x3) should be left at home. Large army tents are also not allowed.
  • The use of generators and power units is strictly prohibited. They will be stored at the campsite entrance at the owner’s risk.
  • Trading on and in the vicinity of the festival grounds and the campsites is not allowed without the formal written consent of the organiser.
  • Setting fire to tents (why?!) will be regarded as arson, a punishable offence that can be subject to criminal prosecution.
  • Campers who break the rules will be removed from the campsite.
  • Serious offenders can be subject to criminal prosecution and are always reported.

Thank you for leaving your camping slot in its original state! 

The organiser is not responsible for accidents or theft at or in the vicinity of the festival grounds and the campsites. 

FAQ: Camping

    • You can camp free of charge at Camping RelaxA camping ticket is mandatory, you can order your free camping ticket on our ticket pageA recoupable Recycling Deposit of €10 will be charged. All info on our Recycling Deposit can be found on this FAQ-page.
    • Camping Chill tickets are € 30. A camping ticket is mandatory, you can order it on our ticket page. A recoupable Recycling Deposit of €10 will be charged. All info on our Recycling Deposit can be found on this FAQ-page. 
    • Right at the entrance to the festival ground, at Camping Chill, Pukkelpop has foreseen a campsite for festivalgoers with a disability. 
    • Apply for your place at the campingsite before 5 August.
      Just like any other camping facility, this one requires a valid campsite ticket. Make sure everyone has a ticket for Camping Chill. 
    • There is no minimum or maximum age: everyone is welcome at Pukkelpop! Minors are strongly encouraged to be accompanied by an adult. The organisation advises against bringing small children along to the festival and/or campsite. There are no special facilities and/or ticket prices.
    • Yes, you can hire a locker for one day or for the entire duration of the festival. You do not have to pay a deposit.
    • At our campsites there are paying lockers with charging point for your smartphone + power supply. Bring a plug and charger cable.
    • You can choose between
      • a small locker (15x30x40cm) with power (bring your own cable!), rent € 8/day or € 30 for the whole festival,
      • a large locker (30x30x40cm) with power (bring your own cable!) , rent € 12/day or € 30 for the whole festival, 
      • a large locker (30x30x40cm) rent € 8/day or € 30 for the whole festival. 


    • All lockers must be emptied no later than Monday at 11.00 AM 
    • Problems with your locker, forgot your stuff? Contact
  • No, for safety reasons tents are not allowed on Relax On Wheels. Camping in a tent is possible on Camping Chill, Camping Relax or Camping Comfy. Check all options on this page

    • Vouchers can be exchanged continuously from noon on Thursday till midnight on Sunday.
      You can collect your order at the bar counter of your campsite.
    • If you have a voucher for several 6-packs you are obviously under no obligation to exchange them all at once.
      You can simply exchange a new 6-pack with the original voucher. Our computer keeps track. 

    Unused vouchers are neither taken back nor refunded.  


    • The aim is to enable festival-goers to (better and more accurately) sort their waste during their stay. 
    • The Recycling Deposit amounts to € 10 and is included in the price of an official PKP camping ticket.
    • This fee can easily be recuperated.
    • The Recycling Points and on-site staff at the official PKP campsites dispense two types of refuse bags: one for residual waste and one for PMD (plastic bottles and containers, metal packaging and drink cartons).
    • Properly sorted refuse bags (residual waste or PMD) must be handed in at an on-site Recycling Point. Festival-goers’ wristbands are scanned with every bag that is handed in.
    • The Recycling Deposit is refunded when the festival is over on the explicit condition that festival-goers have sorted their waste, handed in their residual waste and/or PMD at a Recycle Point and had their wristband scanned.  
    • The Recycling Points at Camping Chill and Camping Relax  are open non-stop from 9 AM on Friday until noon on Monday. 
    • If and only if these conditions are met, the full € 10 will be refunded into the original buyer’s account or credit card by 31 August at the latest.
    • Contact if the conditions were met and you haven’t received your refund by that date. 

    This waste fee is part of our Waste Awareness Campaign. 


    • Access festival terrain: Thursday, 6.00 pm.
    • Access Camping if activated: from Thursday, 12.00 (noon) until Saturday 12.00 (noon)
    • A day ticket is €115 (including public transport by train (NMBS) + 2 days camping at Camping Relax


    • Access festival terrain: Saturday, 11.00 am.
    • Access Camping if activated: from Friday, 12.00 (noon) until Sunday, 12.00 (noon)
    • A day ticket is €115 (including public transport by train (NMBS) + 2 days camping at Camping Relax


    • Access festival terrain: Sunday, 11.00 am. 
    • Access Camping if activated: from Saturday, 12.00 (noon) until Monday, 12.00 (noon)
    • A day ticket is €115 (including public transport by train (NMBS) + 2 days camping at Camping Relax
    • With a combi-ticket you get access to the festival on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Thursdays you can enter the grounds from
      6 pm for the Boiler Party. The remaining days the doors open at 11 am.  
    • A combi ticket costs €245. This price includes public transport (NMBS) + 2 days camping at Camping Relax 
    • Camping at Camping Relax is free, camping at Camping Chill costs €30- check all the camping options. A camping ticket is required, you can order it here. You can camp from Thursday 12.00h until Monday 12.00h. A refundable Recycling Deposit of €10 will be charged. 

  • No, but you can easily order your camping ticket here.

    • You can camp free of charge at Camping Relax. A camping ticket is mandatory, you can order your free camping ticket on our ticket page. A recoupable Recycling Deposit of €10 will be charged. All info on our Recycling Deposit can be found on this FAQ-page.
    • Camping Chill tickets are € 30. A camping ticket is mandatory, you can order it on our ticket page. A recoupable Recycling Deposit of €10 will be charged. All info on our Recycling Deposit can be found on this FAQ-page.
    • On our ticket page you can request a free ticket for Camping Relax or order a ticket for Camping Chill (subject to availability).


  • We can modify your camping ticket from Camping Chill to Camping Relax. Please note that your original camping reservation cannot be refunded. 


  • Unfortunately, no. Places at Camping Chill cannot be reserved, kept free or booked.

    • Open day and night

    • Opening: Thursday 12 pm

    • Closing: Monday 12 pm

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