The Offspring

The Offspring

  • Sunday 18 August
    Main Stage
Energetic punk rockers celebrating 30 years of ‘Smash’
United States
  • Rock
  • Punk
  • Alternative
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Sum 41, Bad Religion, Pennywise

In April of 2021, the California based band The Offspring released their 10th studio album “Let The Bad Times Roll”.  The project was finished and launched in the throes of a worldwide pandemic. An album title that seemed so appropriate at the time has actually proven to be anything but…..The Offspring  story since then has been the exact opposite.  It’s been good times only.

The band (singer Dexter Holland, guitarist Noodles, bassist Todd Morse, multi-instrumentalist Jonah Nimoy and drummer Brandon Pertzborn) have just finished their most critically acclaimed American tour ever after which Dexter Holland said “We played some of the biggest and best shows of our entire career”. With more than three decades of global touring under their belts, that is really saying something.  The twenty-five US dates followed their recent sold-out tours of Australia, Canada, Europe and the U.K. as well as some gigantic festival dates across the E.U..

This is a band clearly set on fully maximizing their entertainment potential. Their current audience is more multigenerational than ever and they have a preshow extravaganza that is filled with shenanigans and tomfoolery which most have only seen at sporting events, followed by an Offspring performance filled to the brim with hit song after hit song which sound fresher than ever yet span their entire career.  Truly a show worth seeing and experiencing.

The Offspring was first formed in Garden Grove, California in 1984.  After releasing a couple of self-financed records, the band signed to the independent label Epitaph and dropped the album IGNIITION. That was followed shortly thereafter by SMASH which contained the band’s first major hit “Come Out and Play”.  SMASH sold more than 11 million copies and still maintains its’ status as one of the best-selling independent records ever.   Major labels then came calling and the band signed to Columbia Records in 1996.  The Offspring went on to release numerous gold, platinum and multi-platinum certified albums (IXNAY ON THE HOMBRE / AMERICANA / CONSPIRACY OF ONE / SPLINTER / RISE AND FALL, RAGE AND GRACEi / LET THE BAD TIMES ROLL) containing timeless radio mainstays like Kids Aren’t Alright / You’re Gonna Go Far Kid / Self Esteem / Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) and Why Don’t You Get A Job. 

Holland has never been afraid to pen topical material or confront social issues in a nuanced way.  Those same messages are more important now than ever before.