Electric Callboy

Electric Callboy

  • Sunday 18 August
    Main Stage
Purveyors of electronicore
  • Metal
  • Hardcore

Electric Callboy write their very own story like no other band around. With their modern sound between 90s pop synths, driving alternative rock and explosive metalcore, the band succeeds in every musical trick they play. Experiments like mixing German Schlager music with deathcore ("Hurricane"), hardstyle influenced industrial metalcore ("Parasite") to their post-hardcore reinterpretation of Cascada's hit single "Everytime We Touch" convince that Electric Callboy master the strongest musical parameters of the respective genres. Over 2 million monthly Spotify listeners, more than 700,000 followers on YouTube and a total of 1 million more followers on Facebook, Instagram, X and TikTok underline that Electric Callboy is advancing to become the biggest phenomenon in German metal history.

Founded in 2010 in Castrop-Rauxel, it didn't take long for the band to gain attention in Germany with their modern trancecore sound. But who would have thought that this sound could lay the foundation for a world career? The release of their debut album "Bury Me In Vegas" made them succeed in charting for the first time ever in 2012 (#65). 2 years later, "We Are The Mess" already charted as a top ten album at #8, followed by "Crystals" in 2015 and "The Scene" in 2017 (both #6), and the album "Rehab" released in 2019 (#16).

In June 2020, the release of now gold-certified "Hypa Hypa" marked the beginning of a new era of Electric Callboy – an era that will be marked by even greater success than ever before. Their dedicated and ever-growing fanbase - collecting over 100,000 signatures to convince NDR that Electric Callboy are "radio-ready" enough for Eurovision 2022 – keeps their way to success throughout undeterred.

Even without partaking in the Eurovision Songcontest, 2022 will be the band's most successful year to date: Their Hypa Hypa European tour was completely sold out, and with their sixth album “TEKKNO”, Electric Callboy reached No. 1 in the German album charts. In addition, the premiere of their own festival - the Escalation Fest, held at the Rudolf Weber Arena Oberhausen - was rewarded with over 10,000 sold tickets.

In 2023, the band was able to sell out almost their entire world tour in addition to Escalation Fest 2023, which was now established as an independent 1-day festival. Thus, their booking agency Contra Promotion reported the sale of a staggering 200,000 tickets, once again proving why Electric Callboy are the band of the moment.

The sheer fact that their music is timeless, and far more than a spontaneous trend is proven time and again. In June, Electric Callboy released their current single "Everytime We Touch," a cover of the band Cascada, that already gained over 13 million Spotify streams and nearly 7 million YouTube views in just 4 months. In October, "We Got The Moves" went viral with 250.000 streams per day, advancing to become the band's most successful song alongside "Hypa Hypa" (which counts more than 63 million streams in total).

In 2024, Electric Callboy will keep on growing with their fans in continuing their TEKKNO world tour. Sold out halls and arenas will once again prove how successful the band's career continues to write itself in recent years. A remarkable phenomenon that makes you marvel.