• Sunday 18 August
Techno, ravy melodies and strong grooves
  • Techno
  • Trance
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Regal, 999999999, Hadone

Transmitting the glossy textures of techno, trance and experimental music, Anetha whips up bouncy basslines, stomping kickdrums, glorious melodies and a sprinkling of melancholic motifs, gracing clubs and festivals worldwide. Since breaking out on the Parisian scene in 2012, the Bordeaux-based artist has garnered a global audience, delivering lush and luminous sounds with attention to detail, nimble mixing and absolute focus — as one would expect from an artist with an architectural background.

2024 marks the release of Anetha’s album on Mama told ya, welding a palette of post-club, techno, nu-wave, rave, and DnB and exploring themes of sustainability, femininity, toxic masculinity and unwarranted opinions in the music industry. In true Anetha style, she conveys these subjects with playfulness and a touch of irony.

Several releases colour Anetha’s discography, from her debut EP ‘Ophiuchus’ on Work Them in 2015 to music on her own label, Mama told ya. Launched in 2019, the label platforms rising stars through its catalogue and showcases worldwide.

On Anetha’s new label Fané.e, every release follows a seasonal schedule, where tracks will be available to download and stream for a finite period until blossoming once more the following season. The label aims to share genre-fluid productions without the restrictions of a vinyl-led imprint and to cultivate a more environmentally friendly way to consume music.

In 2020, Anetha launched the talent agency Mama loves ya to sustainably nurture emerging artists. Actions include implementing eco-riders and publishing an open calendar, helping promoters minimise travel distance between bookings. MLY also works with Greenly to help offset, reduce, and compensate for the agency’s carbon footprint.

Born in Bordeaux to nu-wave and electroclash-inclined parents, Anetha later moved to London and then Paris, where she
graduated in architecture. There, she co-founded the Blocaus label and party series, honing her skills as a DJ and producer.

A decade later, Anetha is a fully established artist, blurring the lines between art, music, and fashion through her artistry and relationships with designers Marine Serre and Rombaut. If anyone can do it all with poise, it’s Anetha.