• vendredi 16 août
Offering a unique blend of trancy sounds and 90s techno grooves
  • Techno

Living between Brussels and Amsterdam, the queer producer Stanislawa will give you a taste of her trancy sounds and 90’s techno grooves. This power force always kept an open-mind and an open-heart to push her values onto her music, and to give the crowd the best experience. 

Founder of the Deep Down East collective, she strengthened her presence in the Belgian scene, gracing iconic venues such as Fuse, Decadance, C12Funke and Kompass

Collaborations with Boiler Room, Modul’air, Kiosk Radio, Paradise City and collectives like Not Your Techno, Alliance Club and VESELKA have further enriched her artistic journey.

On the 1st of May, she released her long awaited EP, Forever Strong, featuring 4 very unique personal tracks merging contemporary hard-hitting 909 kicks with 90s trancy leads.