Prophets of Rage

  • Dimanche

Hiphop, Hardrock

Mini bio
Militant rap rock prophets

Pour amateurs de
Rage Against The Machine, Cypress Hill

Unfuck The World


Describing Prophets of Rage is not that difficult, actually: Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill. All rolled into one, in a single band. This package consists of nothing but living legends. And the best thing of all? They’ll be playing a selection of their old hits. Don’t be fooled though: these guys are as relevant as ever. Bolstered by brand-new protest songs like ‘Unfuck the World’ and new single ‘Hearts Afire’, the sextet don’t pull any punches as they funk rock out against the swelling right-wing tide in the US and the rest of the world, against Trump and anything else that reeks of populist sympathies. A message that is ready to ‘Fight the Power’.