Mike D (dj set)

  • Samedi / 17:25 - 18:25 / Marquee

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No Sleep Til Kiewit

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Beastie Boys



‘Sabotage’, ‘Intergalactic’, ... The one and only Mike D is stopping by Kiewit to throw your favourite Beastie Boys classics in the mix. For all you newbies out there: Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock made up the innovative, stark raving mad rap trio known as the Beastie Boys. With a madball mix of hip hop, punk rock, electro, funk and dub they inspired multiple generations from the mid 80s until the untimely 2012 demise of ‘MCA’ Yauch. As chaotic and hilarious the Beasties were, their hits and albums spoke for themselves and influenced scores of artists. And who better to pay tribute to their illustrious career than one of the Boys themselves? Time to get ill!