Pukkelpop 2021: it’s on!

Summer is just across the horizon! Much to our delight and relief we can look forward to a summer with festivals and with Pukkelpop! We’re stoked to finally get back to what we love the most and what we’re good at. We are also grateful for the chance to prove it. Within the foreseeable future, this prolonged period of uncertainty will slowly start to fade in our rearview mirror. The exact modalities are not yet entirely clear but we are confident that in the coming hours and days, the exact directives will be handed over to the event sector.

Of course, PKP21 was never going to be a ‘normal’ edition. But the vaccination programme is on schedule and a host of safety protocols are in the works. Things are looking up and we can finally start to look to the future again. Safety comes first, of course, but Pukkelpop will be as true to form as safety requirements allow. All the familiar ingredients will be in place: a unique atmosphere and the very best music!

Organiser Chokri Mahassine: “Our greatest ambition is to make Pukkelpop the safest haven for young people. We are out to prove that it can be done. We are professionals and we know what we’re doing; we’ve never been more ready to take up this challenge, one of the biggest we‘ve faced so far.

First we want to gear our festival plans to the framework created by the authorities. A task force will be created at a national level consisting of experts from a variety of safety bodies and the festival sector. Every aspect will be prepared in detail. How many stages? Do I need to be vaccinated or can I also get tested at the festival grounds? When will ticket sales start? How much is a ticket? Will there be a green pass? Which artists are on the bill? All in due time so please bear with us.

Organiser Chokri Mahassine: “These last few months our sector has made a deliberate choice to engage in constructive cooperation behind the scenes and we would like to continue in the same vein, with expertise and equal input on all sides. The safety of our visitors, artists, crew and local residents remains our top priority. Everything else will follow from there. Now it’s full speed ahead to a wonderful new edition of Pukkelpop!

Mark the weekend of 19-22 August on your calendars. More info on Pukkelpop 2021 will follow soon so keep an eye on our social media and this website.



FAQ: Covid-19

  • No. We are a summer festival with several campsites and over 200 artists. For instance, it would not be possible to find a date before the end of the year where the majority of the artists are available. In addition, things might get really uncomfortable in a tent in mid-October.

  • Your ticket remains valid for the 2021 edition. Early Bird ticket holders will be contacted in person on the email address used to purchase the tickets.

  • Your voucher remains valid for the 2021 edition. Everyone who bought (a) drink voucher(s) will be contacted in person on the email address used to purchase the voucher(s).