Two new names: Angèle & Anne-Marie


The letter A is sometimes referred to as the symbol that represents the figurative mountain we must climb in life. Angèle is making the ascent look so easy because in terms of her career she is launching into the stratosphere right now.

Singer, lyricist, producer, label boss, model. Born in Brussels but first and foremost a citizen of the world, Angèle is ubiquitous and all-encompassing. She is an artist living and working in a world where music is limitless and genre boundaries don’t matter. With Dua Lipa she wrote the hit ‘Fever’ and on Tamino’s new album you can hear her in ‘Sunflower’. Those are just two of the more recent realisations in a musical track record that is as long as it is impressive. Worldwide Angèle has racked up three billion streams, she has more than three million followers on Instagram and more than one million on TikTok. In 2018 she performed in Pukkelpop’s Dance Hall but on Saturday 19 August she’s closing out the main stage. Angèle, je t’aime!

The unrelenting march to stardom of Essex native Anne-Marie can be summed up in a single word: spectacular. In addition to two studio albums and an EP, her pop track record includes a long list of impressive collabs with the likes of David Guetta, Clean Bandit, Rudimental, Major Lazer and, on her latest single ‘Psycho’, with British rapper Aitch. The multi-platinum selling singer is one of the most versatile and sympathetic pop stars around these days and her live performances are one big celebration. Of course, this is old news to all you Pukkelpoppers out there because following previous appearances in 2016 and 2019 she is notching up her third PKP performance this summer. Like Angèle she’s performing on the main stage on Saturday 19 August. Vive Anne-Marie!


Yesterday at 11 sharp Billie Eilish’s name appeared simultaneously on 30 TV screens in an interactive glass container in Hasselt’s Quartier Blue. Earlier today we dropped two more names with Angèle and Anne-Marie. Tomorrow we have a final Pukkelpop announcement for you at the same time and location.

The ticket sales start date will be announced shortly. Pukkelpop takes place from Thursday 18 August through Sunday 20 August at the Kiewit festival grounds in Hasselt.

Whether you like indie, rock, pop, hip hop, electronic or simply everything, Pukkelpop is a must-see festival for any music enthusiast. It’s a four-day musical city trip you will never tire of.