Stage line-up & 14 new names

At Pukkelpop, we know the plural of "stage" all too well, as we have no less than eight of them. Topical questions such as 'who', 'what', 'where' originate there and thanks to the stage line-up walking routes can be mapped out and imaginary sprints made. To the new additions to our lineup, for example.

new on thursday/friday

On Thursday, you can take a quick pace to Hindu Radio DJ’s and Olly Ameen. On Friday, Aug. 18, in brisk stride or elegant sprint to the Antwerp rock 'n roll of Black Leather Jacket or explore all corners of pop and electronic music with DJ St. Paul. Helena Lauwaert also effortlessly combines every possible genre and style in her DJ set, which is of course something that local Limburg heroine Ilse Liebens & DJ buddy for life Nadiem Shah have had a patent on for much longer than today. Dj Jan Vercauteren recently dreamed aloud of Pukkelpop and poof - his wish was granted.

new on saturday

Pukkelpop is the festival of friendship and the bond between Eppo Janssen & Friends never fails. We know the same for sure about Pinkshift, the American rock band from Baltimore. Sherelle leads a new generation of ravers addicted to jungle, drum 'n' bass, footwork and juke. Those who feel like moving know where the party’s at on Saturday, Aug. 19.

Pukkelpop, it's a coming and, unfortunately, very occasionally a going. Meet Me @ The Altar will no longer be there on Saturday.

new on sunday

On the last festival day we throw in Captain Kaiser from the Kempen. Their priorities are beer and fun and that's an ideal match with Stubru gods Stijn Van de Voorde & Thibault Christiaensen, séa and Michael Midnight, the PKP metaphor for 'the last one standing'.

campings almost full

Furthermore, it was already known that Camping Relax is completely full and also Camping Chill is approaching maximum capacity. So if you would like to stay during Pukkelpop, you will have to take action now.