Stage layout revealed - 8 new names

10 May 2017

As of today you can discover the stage layout on our line-up page.

Last year Pukkelpop successfully experimented with Booth and Lift, two new stages dedicated to promising artists and warmly welcomed by the festivalgoers. This year both stages are further refined.

In the Booth you discover upcoming DJs from Belgium and abroad. The Lift gets a massive upgrade with a different musical genre for every festival day. Urban on Thursday, pop rock on Friday and some of the harder work on Saturday.

During this edition Wablief?! and The Shelter can no longer be found on the Pukkelpop grounds. Belgian artists who previously starred at Wablief?! now have the opportunity to play at the Lift, Club, Marquee or one of the other Pukkelpop stages. Artists who formerly were exclusively selected for The Shelter are also integrated into the general program. As a result, on Saturday the Marquee explodes with solid guitars and tight riffs!

This way all artists get even more time and space, so they can perform in optimal circumstances. Our programming this year is super sharp. Our goal is to pick the right spot and the right scale for every single artist!

New on the bill are Anna Of The North, Bjeor, DC Salas, DMT Lemons, Forest SwordsRAY BLKSupreems and Témé Tan. In the next few weeks, the final artists and the timetable will be revealed.