Mauro Pawlowski & De Kempenzonen: friends & fun

Those who love surprising musical collaborations will be widely served during this edition of Pukkelpop. Mauro Pawlowski, known from a.o. Evil Superstars and dEUS, will join forces with trumpeter Jo Hermans and brass band De Kempenzonen on Saturday 18 August.

Willy Sommers, Rik Verheye, Daan Stuyven and Sennek are also part of this colourful company.

Mauro Pawlowski: “The world is a global village', Marshall McLuhan once said. Let me add to this that the universe is a village and everyone's a neighbor, we’ll dance around the sun like they used to dance around a village pump with that same sun in your heart and your head between the stars, boys and girls.”

Mauro Pawlowski & De Kempenzonen will play on Saturday 18 August in the Marquee