Impressive immersive sound showcase at Pukkelpop

Pukkelpop, AlphaTheta EMEA - Pioneer PRO AUDIO and the Belgian band KRANKk have joined forces to design a groundbreaking immersive music experience. During the festival, you can enjoy this exclusive sound showcase on the Booth site on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.   

In 2019, the Belgian based company KAGE Audio was commissioned by us to develop an immersive setup.
Objective? Reducing noise pollution for local residents, without losing sound quality or the festival experience of the Pukkelpopper.
Work continued on this setup and it resulted in a full multitrack immersive audio performance.
On stage: KRANKk, an electronic collective with Thomas Geysen on drums, Aram Abgaryan on keys and Willem Heylen on guitar.

The three members of KRANKk study at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp and share an unconditional love for electronic music, a passion for instruments and sounds and especially the way they are produced.

Frederik Luyten, spokesperson: "Up to 32 audio tracks can be played during the showcase (via MADI or Dante virtual soundcard) which are then mixed in an audio object environment. The sounds are independently mapped across multiple speakers. As if you were really "in" the sound. Very impressive!"  

Joeri Verholen, Country Manager Belux - North of France, AlphaTheta EMEA: “Music and culture is in our DNA. We design products that create an immersive sound experience. Our high-quality speakers can deliver powerful crystal-clear audio in various kinds of venues and environments — that’s why we’ve designed sound systems for some of the world’s top nightclubs and now for the Pukkelpop festival.” 

Practical info 
Immersive sound showcase with KRANKk, in collaboration with AlphaTheta EMEA - Pioneer PRO AUDIO,
from Friday to Sunday from 3:00pm to 3:30pm at the Booth site.