Friday tickets sold out, line-up complete

Combi tickets sold out, Friday tickets gone too. With two weeks to go, Pukkelpop is well on its way to a sold-out status. Tickets for Saturday and Sunday are still limited available. In other words: going once, going twice...

The devil is in the details and boy, how diabolic are these 5 final additions? Musical fashion icon Tsar B, for example; she plays at the Club on Thursday. So many superlatives have already been written about her that any additional praise falls short.

Or what about ArrDee, he’s set to perform at the Dance Hall on Friday. Young, fresh, edgy rap from Brighton. ArrDee's debut mixtape 'Pier Pressure' was among the most streamed hip-hop records of 2022. Mic droppp.
On to Only The Poets, one of the most exciting and upcoming bands in Europe. This time last year they played to a handful of people, Friday they will perform on our Main Stage.

And if you like French pop, head to Pukkelpop on Saturday. The 26-year-old RORI, inspired by Rory from the US series ‘Gilmore Girls’, will add a touch of élégance et grandeur to the Dance Hall.

Are you more into echoing guitars, epic melodies and vocals bursting with self-confidence? Then you go check the full-blooded post-punk of the Irish band Gurriers. They play at the Lift on Sunday.

And so, after a long journey, our line-up is complete with 182 artists spread across 8 stages over 4 festival days. Timetables can be found in the PKP app and on the beacon of all knowledge: