30 October 2015
Nominated for a European Festival Award!

We’re nominated for a European Festival Award! Read more

24 August 2015
Lost something?

Lost something at Pukkelpop? Through the Lost & Found App, Parcify happily reunites lost items with their rightful owners! Read more

22 August 2015
Cancel Tale of Us

Unfortunately, Tale Of Us cancelled their show for tonight. The band’s management sent us the following message: "We are very sorry to announce that due to medical reasons, Tale Of Us won't be able to perform at Pukkelpop tonight. Thanks for your understanding and support." Four Tet will close the Castello as planned from 22:00 till 23:30 h. Read more

20 August 2015
Press release

This afternoon an incident occurred at Camp Site A of Pukkelpop. A gas container toppled over and caused a big flare. There was no explosion. Seven people were injured. Five people were taken to nearby hospitals (the ‘Jessa Ziekenhuis’ and the ‘Ziekenhuis Zuid-Oost Limburg’). Two people were taken care of on the spot. No one is in mortal danger. Read more

20 August 2015
Cancellation Hannah Wants

Some less good news this morning. Unfortunately, Hannah Wants fell sick and had to cancel #PKP15. Read more

19 August 2015
Pukkelpop Album Sessions: program finalized

The program of the Pukkelpop Album Sessions, presented by Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy, has just been finalized. Famous artists, including Trixie Whitley, DJ Craze, Ayco Duyster, Howling, STUFF., HO99O9, Stijn Meuris, Luc Janssen and Howling, will co-host a session and talk about their favourite classic album. Read more

14 August 2015

Of course you already noticed: Pukkelpop 2015 is a true celebratory edition. With a festive opening by Radio Soulwax, an additional stage in Baraque Futur, a backstage transported by ship, the impossible to ignore Pukkelpop-letters at the entrance gate,... Today we add even more extras to the list! Read more

13 August 2015
Only day tickets for Friday still available

It's official! All Pukkelpop 3-day tickets have now sold out. Day tickets for Thursday are all gone as well. Read more

9 August 2015
Hungry for more? No problemo!

We want 30 years Pukkelpop to be something really special. That's why we're treating you to some original surprises this year. Baraque Futur, a place to discover and experiment and an additional stage with more than 20 musical acts. Food Wood, an ultra cosy dining area in the shade of trees. Read more

7 August 2015
Petit Bazar goes completely insane. Salon Fou is complètement plural. Oscar joins the festival bill

Your Pukkelpop experience cannot be complete unless you've gathered the courage to enter Petit Bazar and Salon Fou. Here, normality is instantly catapulted towards Earth 2.0. Read more