Relax On Wheels



Camping Relax On Wheels is a paying camp site that is part of Camping Relax. You can camp in your own camper or (folding) caravan near het festival site.

This green campsite is within walking distance from the festival arena and is easily accessible thanks to the free shuttles. The campsite is open 24/7 between noon on Thursday and noon on Monday.


There are 2 important conditions to keep in mind before you book your spot at Relax On Wheels.

  1. You need a festival ticket. Only our festival goers can make use of Relax On Wheels.
  2. You need a free camping ticket for Camping Relax. Order it together with your festival ticket or upgrade afterwards (both free options).

All set? Good, now you're able to book a spot at camping Relax On Wheels.

At'tent'ion :) Tents are not allowed on Relax On Wheels.


  • A pitch with mains power (8x5m) is €185 (regardless of the length of your stay). You’ll find a mains connection (16A - Schuko plug, F-type connector) within 50m of your vehicle. Remember to bring your own extension cord. Go to this page to make your reservations.
  • A pitch without mains power (8x5m) is €150 (regardless of the length of your stay). Go to this page to make your reservations.
  • ​Campers staying at Relax On Wheels have access to all free amenities available at Camping Relax.
  • Camping Relax On Wheels is reserved for campervans that have a valid registration and inspection certificate and are equipped with a storage tank for wastewater (self-contained camper).
  • Your campervan and/or towing vehicle must remain in your pitch for the duration of your stay. Leaving your pitch temporarily is not allowed.
  • The speed limit at the campsite is 10km/h. The maximum pitch size is 8 x 5 m.
  • All campers, (folding) caravans must have a Relax On Wheels voucher displayed behind the windshield. (No extra ticket or voucher is required for the towing vehicle of your (folding) caravan).
  • There’s a choice of pitches with and without mains connection.
  • There is no water supply.
  • Campers can bring their own food & drink. Please read the guidelines on open fires attentively.


  • Buses, converted cars and minivans are not allowed.
  • (Built-in) generators cause noise pollution and are prohibited.
  • There’s a ban on open fires. This means that all types of gas canisters, cooking & gas installations (removable gas cylinders, gas installations with non-removable, built-in gas tanks, etc.) are prohibited.
  • No tents.
    There are several Food Islands where you can heat your food free of charge and obtain free water for coffee, noodles, etc.
  • Music installations cannot be used.
  • All commercial activities and other types of sale are prohibited.
  • The camping rules of Camping Relax apply to Relax On Wheels.

FAQ: Camping

    • The aim is to enable festival-goers to (better and more accurately) sort their waste during their stay. 
    • The Recycling Deposit amounts to € 10 and is included in the price of an official PKP camping ticket.
    • This fee can easily be recuperated.
    • The Recycling Points and on-site staff at the official PKP campsites dispense two types of refuse bags: one for residual waste and one for PMD (plastic bottles and containers, metal packaging and drink cartons).
    • Properly sorted refuse bags (residual waste or PMD) must be handed in at an on-site Recycling Point. Festival-goers’ wristbands are scanned with every bag that is handed in.
    • The Recycling Deposit is refunded when the festival is over on the explicit condition that festival-goers have sorted their waste, handed in their residual waste and/or PMD at a Recycle Point and had their wristband scanned.  
    • The Recycling Points at Camping Chill and Camping Relax  are open non-stop from 9 AM on Friday until noon on Monday. 
    • If and only if these conditions are met, the full € 10 will be refunded into the original buyer’s account or credit card by 15 September at the latest.
    • Contact if the conditions were met and you haven’t received your refund by that date. 

    This waste fee is part of our Waste Awareness Campaign. 

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