Róisín Murphy

Friday - Marquee - 21:40 - 22:40


“I happened upon this 'job' quite by chance and I've always thought it was because of my wayward creativity it happened at all, so I'll always put the madness first, the openness, because that's how it all started.” Róisín Murphy has always been an unpredictable maverick. With Moloko she produced four memorable albums and numerous hits such as “The Time Is Now” and “Sing It Back”. After the split in 2003, the Irish singer kick-started her solo career with gems like “Overpowered”, “Let Me Know” and “You Know Me Better”. Eight years after her last musical feat, Róisín Murphy is back with “Hairless Toys”, a tantalizing disco record. She sums up her new live show as follows: “It's gonna be hot, it's gonna be sweaty and it's gonna be intense!”