Paul Kalkbrenner presents: Back To The Future

Paul Kalkbrenner presents: Back To The Future

Saturday - Boiler Room - 22:30 - 01:00

Techno, Minimal

Puur 90s, puur feest

Mini bio

Fritz Kalkbrenner, Kollektiv Turmstrasse

For fans of

Sky And Sand



In 1992, Paul Kalkbrenner threw his first records on the turntables. Exactly 25 years ago! For this event, the Berlin techno topper digs into his own teenage history. He records three mixtapes containing all his early electronic darlings with the title 'Back to the Future'. The series goes viral: the trilogy is downloaded by half a million fans! "Strike the iron while it's hot", thinks Paul and he hits the road with a BTTF live set. While his old fans are transported back to the house parties of the 90s, his younger fans get a first taste of those magical years. Nostalgia? No, pure partying!