Nicolas Jaar

Nicolas Jaar

Friday - Marquee

Downtempo, Minimal, Ambient

Hardcore ambient

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Mount Kimbie, Four Tet, Floating Points

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How crazy is Nicolas Jaar exactly? Insane enough to spend five hours in a New York museum, sampling all kinds of records which he never heard before. Live. Anyway, don't worry, he won't repeat this remarkable performance at Pukkelpop. After a musical excursion as Darkside, the boss of Other People label went back to work with experimental electronica. 'Sirens', his latest album, is a hypnotic masterpiece full of contrasts: from floating ambient to throbbing post-punk. Pitchfork picked this politically charged musical labyrinth as one of 20 best records of 2016. Can you find your way through silences and soundscapes... to that one magical spot?