Thursday - The Shelter - 01:00 - 02:00


These prog metal giants write tracks that are as brutal and enthralling as your average ‘Game of Thrones’ episode. It’s probably not a coincidence that last year, three band members could be seen dying gruesome deaths as Wildlings. This brief interlude probably made a nice change as work continues on the follow-up to the critically acclaimed ‘Once More ‘Round the Sun’ (2014). “It was a privilege to be part of such a fantastic story. And the catering wasn’t half bad either” drummer Brann Dailor laughed. We’re curious to see what Mastodon’s battering ram thinks of our Pukkelpop catering but if you’ve marked Mastodon on your schedule, it’s probably best to take a light lunch before exposing yourselves to those pounding riffs and thunderous drums. After all, sheer genius can be a bit hard to digest.