Martin Solveig (live)

  • Friday / 01:00 - 02:00 / Main Stage
Paris, France

Electronica, Pop

Mini bio
Bread, wine and dance

For fans of
The Magician, Oliver Heldens



What could be better than daydreaming on the banks of the Seine with a glass of red wine, bread and cheese and ‘My Love’ in the background? The single is testament to why Martin Solveig is still on top of his game after 25 years. His last album ‘Smash’ dates back to 2011 but who knows, there may still be a new album in the offing. In 2016 the French DJ said: ”Dance albums can be so boring. I prefer to make singles”. Fine with us, because his future house and summery dance tracks are an ironclad guarantee for pure dancing pleasure. “If I can give people that one moment of pleasure then I’ve fulfilled my purpose in life”.