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Unfortunately, Neil Young, Courteeners, XXYYXX and The Pretty Reckless won’t be at Pukkelpop, but Caliban and Slow Magic will! The organization is trying very hard to find a Pukkelpop-worthy substitute for Neil Young.

Yesterday Neil Young informed us that he had to cancel his European tour because of an injury sustained by one of the Crazy Horse members. Earlier that day the British Courteeners had let us know that they too had to cancel their show for personal reasons.
XXYYXX too will stay at home. The 17-year-old producer feels exhausted and is canceling all his European shows. The unexpected cancellation of The Pretty Reckless was another unpleasant surprise.
The German metalcore band Caliban is a new strong name in the Pukkelpop line-up.  They will gladly add one more day to their European tour. Another new name is the mysterious Slow Magic, who will enter the Pukkelpop stage wearing a mask and immerse you in warm, enchanting sounds and tireless drums.

The organization is considering the possibilities for an alternative for Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Wel'll keep the Pukkelpoppers posted on Facebook, Twitter and the website.

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This text originates from the Pukkelpop website.