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Pukkelpop prepares for tropical temperatures

The 2012 edition of Pukkelpop has been wonderful so far. Festival visitors enjoyed the fantastic summer weather on Thursday and Friday.

Weather forecasts predict that it will be even warmer tomorrow.

The festival organisation is taking additional precautions to prepare for tomorrow's tropical temperatures. For example, water filters will be installed in all the water stations tonight. After the water quality has been tested, signs will be posted to show where free drinkable water is available on the festival meadows.

In addition, one voucher will be good for two bottles of mineral water tomorrow. One = two! And you can refill those bottles at the water stations. Pukkelpop would like to remind everyone to make sure they drink enough water.

We'll be posting messages on the electronic banners tonight to remind Pukkelpop visitors to drink enough water before they go to bed tonight, so they can avoid dehydration.

The organisation would like to remind everyone to protect themselves from the sun. Extra sunscreen is currently available in “The Scream Shops”  and in the Festival Shops at most campgrounds.

Festival visitors can purchase 3 litres of drinkable water for only 1 drinks voucher at the campgrounds. This special offer has been available since Wednesday. If the weather gets extremely hot, extra water bags will be available at various stages or by the queues for the voucher desks.

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This text originates from the Pukkelpop website.