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Pukkelpop 2010

Pukkelpop 2010

Pukkelpop 25, as everybody knows by now, was not the least uneventful of the festival’s editions. In spite of the sad events, the organizers, collaborators, artists and, of course, all the festival visitors, once more succeeded in creating an agreeable environment where the festivalgoers could watch, listen to and, most of all, enjoy the activities on the festival site.
The festival’s history harbours many stories, but the most important one is the story of togetherness. At Pukkelpop people can enjoy a love they share: music.
Pukkelpop has indeed done it again: the 25th-anniversary edition was just marvellous. A new generation of bands, the best Djs and the most powerful headliners. It was one big party in front of all the Pukkelpop stages.

No less than 198 musical acts played at the festival, 41 of which were Belgian. Pukkelpop continues to promote Belgium’s musical pride. Each day Pukkelpop received more than 65,000 visitors of 51 different nationalities. Mainly Dutch, British, Irish and Swiss music lovers found their way to the Kiewit fields. Even Australia was amply represented.

We counted more than 54,000 campers. During the past three days, De Lijn transported 78,000 music lovers. About 30,000 people came to the festival by train, a rise by 20%, which caused NMBS to have two trains on stand-by in addition to the 15 extra trains on Sunday.
Between 8 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. on Sunday, trains with destination Hasselt will leave Kiewit station every fifteen minutes.

For the first time the festival was completely sold out with 62,500 paying visitors a day. The maximum waiting time for the identity control at the waiting desk was 11 minutes.

When you’re 25, it’s high time to look back on your life for the first time. And that’s what we did in our Museum. The digital archive and the video collection full of memorable Pukkelpop moments brought all the previous editions back to life. In the interactive archive you could even study a handwritten copy of Pukkelpop’s first financial report of 1985. Al least 9,000 festivalgoers visited our Museum.
2,000 people registered for a personalized copy of the book that traces Pukkelpop’s history. It will be in the bookshops in the beginning of October.

Together with 2manydjs the Pukkelpop collaborators lit the birthday candles on the Main Stage on Saturday night. Fireworks! Explosions! Ten thousands of people! Pukkelpop!

Don’t forget to tick the following dates in your calendars: Thursday 18th, Friday 19th and Saturday 20th 2011.
Three days full of musical discoveries and loads of friendship.

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This text originates from the Pukkelpop website.