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Thursday - 22:20 Main Stage

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Last year saw the release of 'The Weight of Your Love', the first Editors album without former lead guitarist Chris Urbanowicz. The Belgian fans received the album with open arms and it became a hit in our charts. Editors know how to write (and perform) one hell of a song. Just think of 'Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors', 'Munich', 'Escape the nest', 'Papillon' or the more recent 'A Ton of Love'. Now the band is playing at Pukkelpop for the fourth time. The summer of 2005 was their first encounter with a Belgian festival and as they admitted in an interview in 2008 − a defining moment in them learning how to handle a larger audience. ’Short and sweet: a top festival', they say. And we can affirm equally brief: a top band. Expect a great show!


Birmingham, United Kingdom



This text originates from the Pukkelpop website.