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Charles Bradley & his Extraordinaires
Thursday / 18:15 - 19:05 / Marquee

Charles Bradley & his Extraordinaires


Beauty comes with age. The American soul senior Charles Bradley scored his first hit at the age of 62 and released his debut album at 64. Three years ago, as the Screaming Eagle of Soul, he touched every living being in the Club with his raw heartfelt voice. Every single note seemed to come from the depths of his heart. After the performance, the strong sexagenarian embraced his fans with tears in his eyes. Bradley is a pure-blooded soulman − that's why his age is his greatest asset. His face is the mirror of his soul; his well-worn voice the soundboard of his fortunes. Even James Brown himself was a fan: "The man's got Soul. With a capital S!"


GENRE: R&B, Soul, Funk
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